Thursday, August 16, 2018

About Us

"We believe that sharing positive stories about good people
doing good deeds help change the world."

The majority of our profit goes to organsiations that help others.

Our Mission


We are a digital newspaper with a social mission. We build popular support for the problem solvers of some of Australia's challenges -- big and small -- with the news we report, and partner with organisations that make real change. Although, the majority of our profit fuels more good deeds, instead of asking you for money every month, we ask that you share a story you liked using social media.


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3rd Watch tells positive stories about good deeds and good people. Our team of professional contributors and experts seek to engage you with a lively writing style, thought-provoking opinions, and intelligent scrutiny on issues and activities that affect your life. At 3rd Watch you'll also find lighter stories unrelated to the sector but that revolve around your lifestyle.We publish 12 - 15 articles every week. Subscribe to our email alert at the top of our website. Read our current issue.


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Our readership is made up of people like you – the general public, as well as professionals within the sector. 3rd Watch’s 20,000+ circulation makes it one of the most engaged digital networks in Australia.

We donate the majority of our profits to organisations that help others.

2014 Cool Company Awards

3rd Watch is a social enterprise that provides news on the social good sector in Melbourne and around Australia.