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30 Minutes with … Martyn Ryan, Founder of Together Let’s

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During 10 years of travelling, Together Let’s founder Martyn Ryan came to witness the true nature of goodwill in the many remote and marginalized communities he visited.
Together Let's

If we’re honest about it, corporate charitable relationships around the world aren't good enough.

Much like Romeo and Juliet’s, corporate-charitable courtships tend to fall short of the mark. For-profits and not-for-profits cosy up to each other because both their staff want to do things that matter. But, for the most part, reality shows the two usually fail to get the most out of their relationship.

“Imagine what the world would be like,” Martyn Ryan, Evangelist and Founder of Together Let’s asks, “if every business and every employee had a place online where they could post what, where, when, why, and how they would like to ‘give’? The amount of skill, knowledge, resources, and influence is truly limitless.”

Experts say the challenge lies in opening the eyes of  companies and their staff so they see overlooked opportunities that go to waste . Something Ryan does not see as much of a challenge.

“Wanting to help others is in our DNA,” Ryan explains.

However, moving them away from a model that supports  a “good cause” to merely drive sales could prove difficult. Even Ryan admits that corporate support is limited because “business leaders find it hard to be matched with charitable organisations that align with their corporate vision.”

But the current approach must change since it creates what Ryan calls “giving waste” – the resources, expertise, and influences that companies and their staff have to offer charitable causes; but usually go untapped.

Over the coming months, Together Let’s, his “dream to reduce giving waste,” are working closely with a small group of Australian companies as a part of a game-changing pilot program they call Goodifi.

Goodifi matches corporate resources to causes, and causes to corporate resources. It also provides a simple tool for participants to measure and communicate outcomes.

Ryan said in the case of one participant their target is to create an 80% savings in the cost of running their volunteer program, re-directing more funds to where they are needed most.

“Together Let’s is helping  businesses, charities, and their employees to connect, collaborate, and communicate ‘for good’ in  a new and efficient way.”

Ryan traces Together Let’s roots back to a 10-year motorcycle ride around the world he took almost 20 years ago.  Then, as a volunteer of a number of NGOs, he found himself a part of communities using untraditional exchanges that seemed sustainable to use their skills or get the things they needed.

Ten years later, Ryan wound up in Australia, as a management consultant to some of its largest corporations. Over time, he slowly formed a plan so for-profits and not-for-profits better engage in the goodwill process.

“Most of us have a Facebook or LinkedIn profile; now it’s time for a social [good] one,” Ryan explains.

Ryan drew upon his diverse experience and “signed up” a couple of willing “volunteers” with the skills he lacked. Together, they created “a new and exciting social platform with a social conscience for people and organisations to profile themselves.” A one-stop shop where anyone could share their story around the world.

 “No idea would go unheard. No resource or opportunity wasted. Imagine the number of people who would become a source of inspiration for others, and the excitement and momentum that could be created, ” Ryan asserts.


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