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Spaghetti For Breakfast: Review

PD Ritchie | Posted: Fri, 3 Apr, 2015 04:34 pm Updated: Wed, 16 Mar, 2016 06:24 pm | | Print
Sam Simmons' face looms over crowds at ACMI

If you’re a fan of typical stand-up comedy, Sam Simmons probably isn’t your guy, but given the chance he’ll turn you.

He even said so himself, jokingly, “not all of you are going to like me, but give it a few years.”

Simmons’ latest show, Spaghetti For Breakfast, gives a view into the relatable world of nostalgic woes, self-deprecation and all things weird.

As he takes the audience on a stroll down memory lane, with the help of an unfriendly voice-over, he mentions all the things that annoy him while wearing nothing but a white t-shirt, socks and pyjama shorts.

It sounds weird, but it’s hilarious.

Prop comedy is slightly taboo is the professional league of stand-up comedy, seen as something best left situational, so when a mastermind like Simmons reduces an entire crowd to tears with the simplicity of it, you can’t help but marvel.

Simmons’ best element though is his ability to salvage a joke. His bizarre humour may go too long on occasion, or fly over the audience’s head in the pitch black of it all, but a quick crowd interaction and everyone is cackling again.

This Australian comedian is a genius on his worst days. Don’t miss this one.

Simmons is performing for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until 19 April at ACMI.

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