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New campaign celebrates volunteers

Drew Michaels | Posted: Thu, 20 Nov, 2014 01:01 pm Updated: Thu, 20 Nov, 2014 01:04 pm | | Print
“We are always in need of volunteers": Softball Victoria
Sheina Raskin

Twelve not-for-profits have answered Volunteering Australia call to help ordinary Australians celebrate a nation of six million volunteers.

“The twelve organisations were selected because they illustrate what is possible when we volunteer to imagine a better world,” Volunteering Victoria CEO Sue Noble said.

Softball Victoria is the first sporting organisation to pitch in their support for a new Volunteering Victoria campaign Imagine the possibilities.

“With more than 3,000 registered softball participants in Victoria, we rely completely on volunteers supporting the game every weekend – from coaching, scoring, managing teams, and umpiring,” Softball Victoria President Jenny Holliday said.

The state-wide campaign, being rolled out in twelve selected communities in the coming months, showcases the work of volunteers, aiming to raise awareness of the value that volunteering plays in our community and the diversity of ways volunteering happens.

Volunteering Australia says of the 600,000+ not-for-profits in our country, only 60,000 – or 10% have paid staff.

“We are always in need of volunteers to join us – to help us every weekend with local games but also people with skills in sports administration, planning and governance at committee level,” Holliday said.

The campaign was created with the support of volunteers. Each organisation’s volunteers, volunteer manager, and clients are featured on posters, postcards, and online resources promoting their service and volunteering.

“We worked with our members to help real people and causes showcase the diversity of volunteering, what volunteering means, and the true full impact of volunteers,” Noble said.

Photograghs of Softball Victoria players and coaches were taken by photography student Sheina Raskin, who volunteered her time and equipment: “I really enjoyed working for this campaign and Softball Victoria. It was a great experience.”

Noble says considering what we would not have is how we understand the true value of volunteering in Australia.

“Active citizens make a difference. We invite all Victorians to imagine the possibilities with us – and Softball Victoria,” Noble concluded.

The campaign materials are provided free to organisations, thanks to Exxon Mobil Australia.


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