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Former PM Gillard joins beyondblue board

Brendan Howe | Posted: Thu, 18 Dec, 2014 02:13 pm Updated: Thu, 18 Dec, 2014 02:14 pm | | Print
Former prime minister Julia Gillard
Bruce Wolpe

beyondblue chair Jeff Kennett today announced that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has accepted the invitation of the Board of beyondblue to join its Board as a Director.

The Board ratified Ms Gillard’s appointment at its meeting last Tuesday.

Kennett says he is honoured that Julia Gillard has seen fit to join beyondblue, an organisation that serves those in the community who suffer depression and anxiety and are at risk of suicide.

“Julia Gillard will not only bring a great deal of experience to our Board, but importantly, the passion for the sector that drove her in government to establish the National Disability Scheme,” Kennet said.

He added that Gillard is compassionate to those who suffer disability, and their carers.

“Julia Gillard has always been a kindred soul of our work.”

Ms Gillard says she is delighted to make a contribution in an area she felt passionate about.

“As the daughter of a psychiatric nurse, I have always understood the need to talk openly about mental health and respond to those in need. In government, I was proud to extend services to help and treat young people battling depression and other conditions.”

Kennet adds that once the NDIS is “professionally and compassionately introduced,” it could be the most important social reform of the century.

Gillard too believes the NDIS has great potential to assist those in our community who face the most profound mental health challenges.

“ I am delighted to be able to continue to make a contribution in an area I feel so passionately about by joining beyondblue," Gillard said. 


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