Thursday, August 16, 2018

Code of Conduct

As an open forum for conversation, 3W welcomes a critical analysis and debate of all topics. However, when debate turns into personal attacks or involves hate speech directed at an individual, race or religion we must step in to put a stop to it. This is not about censorship, it's about respecting your peers. The following are the rules and regulations that are mandatory for all future participation on 3W:


Think of 3W as a Workplace

Users and Contributors work as colleagues. Personal attacks and hate speech directed at an individual, race or religion would absolutely never be tolerated in the real world and they are not welcome and will not be tolerated here.


You May Not...

Make personal attacks or use derogatory names directed at any individual member, race, ethnicity or religion (this includes both comments and user contacts through the site). Users are not permitted to personally attack others. While we encourage debate on all topics, users will not be permitted to make foul remarks, or single out an individual member, race or religion with derogatory or racist comments. Debate should focus on the topic, but when it becomes a personal attack on someone's beliefs or character, 3W moderators will intervene and act accordingly. You are free to debate issues in a civilized fashion.



If any User or Contributor breaks any of the above rules, his/her account may be suspended for one week, and he/she will be blocked from signing in, liking, or making comments. Contributors who break the rules may have their writing status revoked on first offence, depending on the severity of the issue.

If any User or Contributor breaks the rules a second time, his/her account may be deleted.


Report Abuse

Users and Contributors have a say in policing the site and removing spam or abusive comments. If you are a Registered User or Contributor, you'll see a link to "Flag as Abuse" on the bottom of every comment. For now this feature is only available to Registered Users and Contributors. This feature is designed to stop abuse e.g. a personal attack against a User or Contributor, or to flag a spam comment. It should not be used to flag comments you disagree with.


How to Debate Contentious Issues

If you disagree with an issue or statement made by another user, you should begin your comment by saying "I disagree..." followed by your reasoning. Stick to the issue and don't make any personal comments about the user with whom you disagree. Calling Users names will result in your comment being removed and your account being suspended.

These rules will apply to everyone. Users and Contributors often come from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, but everyone is welcome to sit at the same table to discuss and debate issues. It should, however, be done with respect.

This forum is designed to be fun and this code of conduct has been put in place to ensure the 3W experience is positive for all Users and Contributors.Please help us to keep conversations on topic by debating the issues. We prefer not to have to edit or delete comments on our website, so please help us uphold this code of conduct so we don’t have to.

These rules may be updated at any time without warning so check back here often.

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