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An Open Letter to the Australian people

3WN Editors | Posted: Tue, 8 Jul, 2014 01:36 pm Updated: Tue, 8 Jul, 2014 01:36 pm | | Print

We are a diverse group of leading organizations that represent a broad cross section of Australians.

We support Australia having a price and limit on carbon pollution. This is the fairest and most cost effective way for Australia to address our economy’s dependence on carbon pollution and reduce its impacts on our climate, our health, environment, economy and national security.

Alongside the Renewable Energy Target, renewable investment policies, and energy efficiency strategies, Australia’s price on pollution has already led to cuts in Australia’s carbon pollution. It has also stimulated billions of dollars of investment and new jobs in clean energy sectors, that will power the Australian economy for the long-term.

However, the current uncertainty about whether a price and limit on pollution will remain in Australia has undermined investor confidence and delayed the long-term investment needed to secure clean power and high quality jobs for Australians.

In April 2014, the IMF and the World Bank called on governments to price carbon to benefit the environment and stimulate economic growth. Over 40 countries and 20 states, provinces and cities have introduced a price and limit on pollution, including Europe, China and California. Australia would be bucking the global trend and would be the first country to scrap such a program.

Australians recognise that pollution is currently at levels that threaten the well-being of our nation and our children and that we need to invest in cleaner renewable power. That is why there is strong community support for urgent action to tackle pollution that causes global warming and climate change. It is fair and efficient to require major polluting businesses to take responsibility for the pollution they cause. The alternative is that the broader business community, ordinary Australians and our most vulnerable communities globally pay the price.

A credible plan to cut carbon pollution and tackle climate change will encourage further investment in cleaner renewable power and jobs. It will bring the price of renewable power down even more, helping to address cost of living pressures faced by many Australians.

We urge the new Senate to support and negotiate a strong platform for action on pollution and climate change. Specifically, we urge all parties to commit to keeping a price and limit on pollution.

This will allow Australia to honour its international commitments and help protect the world’s most vulnerable communities. It will also serve Australia’s health, environmental, economic and national security interests, protecting us from the worst impacts of global warming and climate change while unlocking billions in investment in the jobs and technologies that will power Australia’s economy for the long-term.



ACOSS, Save the Children, ACTU, Public Health Association, ARRCC, AMWU, WWF, Sustainable Business Australia, United Fire-fighters Union of Australia, Oxfam, Queensland Conservation, Climate and Health Alliance, GetUp!, The Climate Institute, Environment Victoria, The Wilderness Society, Columbian Mission Institute, Australian Conservation Foundation, Greenpeace, Australian Education Union, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Pacific Calling Partnership, Edmund Rice Centre, Community and Public Sector Union

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